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Hi there!

A photo of me

I’m Abe (he/they), a Software Architect at ICterra. I work on the embedded software development in telecommunication projects. I’m a PhD candidate at Ege University.

Some facts about me:

I’m an electrical engineer specialized on Power Electronics. I work at all levels of electrical engineering down to up so far as technician, engineer, lecturer, and executive. Also, I got formal educations all levels of electrical engineering, and I have MSc. degree.


  • Embedded Systems/Software
  • Machine Learning
  • Power Electronics
  • Electric Machinery
  • Modeling and Simulations


In addition to my previous experiences, I’ve worked as a Real Time Linux Software Application Engineer and a Senior Embedded Software Engineer, during this time I’ve built from scratch the whole embedded system by using the YOCTO, Docker, Node JS, C/C++ and Qt/QML, FreeRTOS/ThreadX RTOS, embedded RPC and IEEE1588. I used the NXP iMX8m, Jetson Nano and STM32H7 as base platform. Also I’m a contributor for eRPC. You can check it on the eRPC GitHub repo,


  • The latest tool I have been mastering is Docker, I’ve been combining it with Embedded Platforms for ease of prototyping apps.
  • Naturally curious, I’m always looking for ways to improve, in any area of my life.
  • What’s next is always as important to me as to where I’ve been, growth is a continual process.


I have experiences with the various collaboration tools including Jira, Confluence, Git and Gerrit. You can find my works on GitHub. Following repositories, maybe a showcase about my works.



All companies are communities. It’s important to take care of yourself and each other and to proactively look for ways to do both. Ways I care for the communities in my life…

  • Code and accessibility matters, you never know how long your code will be in use. I always comment, and cleanup.
  • I’m an author for the Medium Publication, Level Up Coding,
  • I have a few personal blogs at,, and

The Philosophy of Life

Be a good person but don’t try to prove it.


If you’d like to contact me, feel free to email me or reach out via LinkedIn.