Getting Started Developing Qt with VS Code Development Containers as Simple as Possible

By Ibrahim ERTURK in Programming

January 5, 2022

Getting Started Qt with VS Code Feature

Disclaimer — This is just my humble opinion and maybe there is more convenient way out there for this purpose.
For this purpose I already prepared a repo on GitHub1. The repo is a collection of some experimental works on AI, Image Processing, Qt Qml and embedded RPC. The procedure is is simple as follow.


  • Any Linux Distribution (tested on Debian 11) with Wayland Display Manager
  • Docker daemon
  • VS Code with Remote Container extension. Or alternatively it can be used Remote SSH

Run Just as Follow

  • Clone the repos as follow
$ git clone
$ git submodule update --init

Just open the cloned folder in VS Code

  • Reopen in the development container
  • Build with CMake
  • Run any target built by CMake

For more information including building development containers you can refer the links below

The repo used for demonstration1 Development Container Sources2

That’s all

  1. The repo used for demonstration ↩︎

  2. Development Container Sources ↩︎