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SciPowerLab Updated

SciPowerLab Updated


Scilab Power Electronics ToolBox

Author ierturk me [at] @ ErturkMe
Version 0.3.0
Date 12-Jul-2022
Brief Scilab Power Electronics ToolBox

Module uses Scilab

SciPowerLab Toolbox ErturkMe - Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

XCPL (0.3) - Update for New Scilab 6 API for Xcos block

Run builder.sce in root folder
Run loader.sce created by builder macro

Available Blocks

  • xcpl_BLDC
    Brushless DC Machine in abc frame
  • xcpl_BLSC
    Brushless DC Machine Sensored Controller
  • xcpl_PMSM
    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine in dq frame
  • xcpl_PMSC
    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine FOC Controller
  • xcpl_IMPU
    Induction Machine Per-Unit Model in dq frame
  • xcpl_SVPWM
    Space Vector PWM generator
  • xcpl_PSDINV
    Pseudo Inverter (It does not support three-state switching case)

Available Demos

  • Field Oriented Controlling Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

Links The toolbox can be downloaded from following links or can be installed directly within SciLab.

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